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of solo exhibits in museums feature women artists.


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of the 1565 director, producer, and content writer jobs are held by women.


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lower for women-authored books.

Call To Action

ARTemis believes that it is vital that women cease being the silent societal majority.

An enormous challenge exists to elevate the voice of women artists of all mediums. We see vast growth potential in educating women artists and both male and female allies about gender disparity, women’s issues and interests, and the encouragement of more entertainment dollars towards women-focused and driven works. ARTemis sees and supports the work of other organizations conducting vital research on gender disparities in the arts, and those that support women artists in specific fields. The gap that ARTemis fills is in creating a broad-based, transdisciplinary community of women artists and allies to transfer knowledge, boost exposure, and create equal opportunity through support of all kinds.


“Oppression is never simply the result of actions by one powerful man. Even if many of us have felt the past few years have been exemplified by one powerful man acting badly every day–oppression occurs through complicity. Oppression occurs through whataboutism. Oppression occurs when those at the margins of society, those fighting the hardest are told time and time again whether you know they are listening or not that they don’t matter. That we don’t matter.”

Amy King and Sarah Clark, VIDA Board of Directors –

The Plan

Our mission is to advance the woman artist through knowledge building, exposure, and support. We serve self-identifying women artists across three artistic sectors: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Literature . We invite female allies - non-artists, and males - to lend their support by joining our organization both as donors and members.

Our Current and Future Programs Center Around Three Aims:


Knowledge Building

provide educational programs, workshops,classes, and self-empowerment training to enable the woman artist to develop her stories and strengthen her voice



increase public awareness of and attendance for the work of the woman artist, and improve access to high level opportunities for women as artists



facilitate opportunities through providing necessary support, network like-minded professionals and artists, and act as a critical sounding board for artistic endeavors

ARTemis will work to improve conditions experienced by female arts
professionals through an array of programs, educational opportunities and
professional consultations.

Our focus is on the artist, their confidence, abilities and promotional capabilities, as well as women-focused creative organizations and producing entities.

Full programming Will Include:
Professional Development Programs, Artistic and Creative Assistance for Production and Presentational Development, Packaging and Promoting Support for Key Artistic Works by Female Artists.