How To Help

We know how to address the problem and we are doing it:

  • women artists need the opportunity to exercise/practice their craft; to be involved in a critical feedback loop that will help them improve their craft; the empowerment and internal knowledge building to help fortify their inner, artistic voice

  • exposure of their work to the public and potential patrons consumers

  • support to improve access to high-level opportunities


We know what needs to be done to help women artists break through, and we are going to do it, we just need your financial and general support.

Current Needs:

  • Legal and 501c3 support
  • Web Savvy interns
  • Donations for operations staffing and supplies
  • Technology and software development
  • Marketing and advertising support
  • Artistic supplies
  • Event venues and sponsors (nation wide)
  • Airline Miles
  • Introductions to foundations, supporters and universities

Support & Help Our Cause